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Thread: Montreal time machine

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    Montreal time machine

    Who owns the DeLorean time machine from Quebec?

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    I'm assuming you saw a BTTF modified DeLorean driving around Montreal, or is it on display somewhere? Did it have a Quebec plate?

    I checked the list of museum cars and the only BTTF one I know of in Canada is in Niagara Falls. I saw it there a few years ago before it changed to Ripley's (from Louis Tussauds Wax Museum). I'm not sure if Ripley's kept it...or sold it?
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    I would guess you saw Ken Kapalowski's car...he lives near Toronto but does quite a bit of traveling.

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    There is one in the Montreal area that I know of. Can't say who without permission. It's a drivable car in private hands.

    Conversion was at DMC California.
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    It wasn't Ken, it had Quebec plates.

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    Ontario has two BTTF Conversions.. Ken K's - which is excellent, and then there is VIN 10004 which is in a Wax Museum in Niagara Falls and is sort of a badly-done cartoon version of a Time Machine.

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    For the time machine in Montreal....the Facebook page is : Y88CDW

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