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Thread: Vintage License Plates For Registration

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    Vintage License Plates For Registration

    Okay, this is a bit of a shameless plug but I just wanted to let my fellow Ontario owners know about my classic car related business.

    I run and sell vintage license plates for registration under Ontarioís Year of Manufacture (YOM) Program. Unfortunately our DeLoreanís canít qualify under the YOM program since Ontario stopped making date stamped years in 1973, but if you own other vintage cars made before 1973 you might think of placing original plates on it to complete that authentic look.

    If you really have your sights set on a period pair of dateless 1980ís plates for your Ontario DeLorean, I know of a fully legal loophole that can achieve that period look Ė just contact me directly for details.

    Right now Iím offering a 15% discount to fellow Ontario DeLorean owners. You can either contact me through my website or PM here.

    Stop by and have a look!
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    Ontario Year of Manufacture (YOM) License Plates

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