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Thread: alignment specifications

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    alignment specifications

    Quote Originally Posted by ltemup4650 View Post
    Does anyone have a copy of "ST-34-1/82: SUSPENSION ALIGNMENT - FRONT AND REAR" that they can post? The link on the DMCnews doesn't work. Thanks.
    Unless you just want to look at it, the alignment specs are in virtually all alignment equipment manufacturers data bases. The only nuances I can think of, is the measurement of frame height to the floor needs to be approximately 5.5 at the crossmembers between the wheels.

    This link should get you to the archive

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    Thank you!

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    These specs are the same even if running the Eibach lowered springs in the front, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxbot View Post
    These specs are the same even if running the Eibach lowered springs in the front, right?

    However, when lowering the car you will find that it is not possible to keep the camber within spec, especially in the rear. This is where the adjustable links come in.

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