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Thread: On A Cold Day In Florida

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    On A Cold Day In Florida

    So, where was I on a 48 degree cold morning in Florida? On my way to DeLorean Motor Company in Bonita Springs to have my air conditioning repaired by their expert mechanics, LOL. I may not need it on the drive back home tomorrow, but the new owner of my DeLorean (yes, it's for sale...) will surely appreciate this, and all of the other various things I'm spiffing up before the sale. Looking for a solid daily driver DMC Florida refurbished DeLorean of your own? Consider mine, one of the best known (15 million views on YouTube in the Maclemore Thrift Shop parody "Pot Shop" as well as many other notable celebrity encounters) daily drivers out there, owned by a long time (20 years with my first car, & 4 years with this one) member of the DeLorean community, and recipient of a full frame-off restoration at DMC Florida by the previous owner shortly before they sold it to me 4 years ago with just under 7,500 miles. I drive it enough to keep everything in good working order, but no so much as to wear it out, about 6,000 miles a year, and the (fully functional) odometer just recently turned 31,000 miles Hurry and make me a private offer BEFORE I go the Ebay route very shortly, as I can consider accepting a lower offer from you NOW if Ebay is not yet skimming a hefty percentage to list & sell it ;-) Full details on maintenance, upgrades, pictures, etc available on request. I paid $40,000 for it 4 years ago, and would like to get $35,000 now, lets talk... You can also view "Pot Shop" and several other fun videos that my car has been featured in, and read a bit more about the car's celebrity studded history, at the page linked here that was created primarily for fans of "Pot Shop": Any questions? Message me here & I'll get right back to you...
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