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Thread: Electric DeLorean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mario View Post
    Car projects take forever...

    That's what's been going on; it's not dead, just crawling along. These sorts of things take a lot of time sometimes.
    Well, I've been waiting for more than 2.5 years, I can wait a little longer. It's gonna be an awesome car when it's finished!
    Any updates?

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    Not much. We've got the Tesla motor and it looks like it should fit, though modifications to the frame might be necessary.

    The holdup at the moment is waiting on the custom control PCB for it. People have controlled Tesla motors before, but by spoofing the CAN bus signals, which isn't ideal. We're using a PCB that replaces all the brains so we can drive it directly. It's been taking some time, though.

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