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Thread: Electric DeLorean

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    Electric DeLorean

    I've wanted a DeLorean ever since I was a kid and I saw Back to the Future. When I finally had the money to get a nice one, I found the electric DeLorean that DMCH presented in 2011. They said they'd be putting the cars into production in 2013, but as of mid-2014, there had been no further news of that.

    So I called up DMCH and got in contact with Stephen Wynne. Apparently they had scrapped the plans to build more as they would be expensive (~$100k) and there didn't seem to be enough interest. I asked if they'd be willing to make another one-off for me, and they agreed to!

    As some of you may know, there were several issues with the 2011 prototype like battery charging and wiring problems. This new one is being done by EV West, which is a high-quality and reputable company. I've visited them, seen their work, and ridden in one of their converted cars, and they're very good. You can check our their press page to see some of the things they've built. I'm confident this build is in good hands.

    As for the DeLorean side, DMCH is providing a roller (no engine or related components) built entirely out of never-used NOS. Essentially, a brand new DeLorean! They'll send it directly to EV West where they'll quickly do the conversion.

    Quick Specs:
    - ~100mi range (tentative)
    - Less than 5s 0-60 (tentative)
    - ~250HP (tentative)
    - Scheduled for completion at the end of March
    - DeLorean made from never-used NOS
    - Stock manual transmission will be kept

    Not all the details have been worked out on the EV side yet, hence the uncertainty in the related specs. But we're going for a fairly high-performance setup. EV West is currently working on a Ferrari conversion that uses a triple-motor setup, which I'll be checking out once they finish it. They are thinking of a similar setup for my car.

    That's all the info I've got. I'll update this thread as more news rolls in.

    Here's a couple pictures of the body that DMCH sent me last month. Just the plain fiberglass body, unfortunately, not the new, lighter one they have been working on. They don't want me to guinea-pig it for them, so they're going with the tried-and-true.

    Hope you guys are as excited as I am!
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    Mario, congratulations! I'm sure the car is going to cost a pretty penny. Have you checked out Dave Delman's electric Delorean ? If you google electric Delorean you will find it. Dave is one of the founders of the Long Island Delorean club, which I am proud to be a part of.
    Looking forward to seeing the progress of your 'project'.
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    Cool. I Remember seeing that BMW conversion they did and it looked crazy fast. Please keep the updates coming!
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    Very cool project!

    I'm a little confused though. I thought the DeLorean EV didn't use the original 5 speed transmission. Any idea why they're using one for you?

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    Lou: I have seen it before! Unfortunately, I think his title of "Worlds Most Powerful Electric DeLorean" is going to be usurped by mine!

    Nicholas: The 2011 prototype was done by Epic EV, who decided to take out the transmission. Mine is being done by EV West, and they always keep the manual transmissions in their cars. I guess they've decided that's what's best. It can help get more powerful regen, too. And hey, not many people can say they have manual EVs!
    Love your LS1-swapped DeLorean, by the way! It's very well-done and must be pretty fast.

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    Can't wait to see how this turns out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas R View Post
    Very cool project!

    I'm a little confused though. I thought the DeLorean EV didn't use the original 5 speed transmission. Any idea why they're using one for you?
    I dont believe it did, though I could be wrong. I got to check it out at DMC CA I guess about a year ago and it looked like a direct drive setup, but they could have been going into the transaxel. There was no shifter, save for the ability to put it in park with a nob. I know they said the EV motor was so powerful in the early design stages that it was breaking some things.

    slight tangent, but the EV/hybrid hummer H1 conversions Zero South did ultimately went with direct drive on their conversions in part because going into the stock transmission would both waste energy, and limited them to 1 motor (they did 2 motors ultimately, one bolted to each diff). I talked with the guys that designed it, they were very proud to have gotten better all EV range than the Volt lol. You can do some really sweet stuff with EVs now. the battery prices are only going to come down, and you can always swap them / add more when the time is right

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    How many KWh worth of batteries you throwing in? just in the rear or some under the front too?

    Can't wait to see progress on this build!

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    Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted with as many pics as you can. It's nice to see someone able and willing to push new technology into the car. All the best,
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    In my opinion keeping the transmission makes absolutely no sense at all. It is meant to keep the ICE* engine in its peak torque range but the electric motor provides 100% torque from 0 to 100% RPM. There's no need for the manual transmission. The big thing is that you are loosing about 15% of the power plus you're carrying all that unnecessary weight! Why would you want that??
    Keeping the transmission just so you get more regen makes no sense as well. You'll loose more due to trans losses and its weight than you'll gain with the regen.

    The only logical approach is to get rid of the transmission and use a reduction setup coupled to the differential. Actually, if I was going to convert to EV I would probably buy a wrecked Tesla S to use their drive train, batteries and electronics. Their motor is so small that it would fit perfectly leaving a lot of room for batteries and other things. Besides, the thought of 416 electric HP in a DeLorean makes me drool uncontrollably
    If done right, you might be able to use their free Superchargers and that would really be sweet!
    OR, get a wrecked Tesla Roadster (if you can find one) where the batteries are already built into a box that might fit in the engine bay. Do it right and you might end up with a 300+ mile range. If I only had more time...

    * ICE - Internal Combustion Engine

    Just my opinion.
    Greetings from Poland!

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