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Thread: Went to a muffler guy today....

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    Sorry about your collateral damage, Mike. I hope you had a good insurance policy on your body.
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    I mentioned safety precautions because someone using that kind of a set-up probably is not familiar with this kind of work and would not know you need eye protection from the brightness of the flame. When using eye protection you cannot see flame so if you set something nearby on fire you would not notice it visually. Anyone using a traditional set-up would know this stuff. Maybe it seems obvious to most of us but not all of us are used to using an Oxy-Acetalyne torch.
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    Can't hear you guru, busy being on fire.

    My engine twists my frame.

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    Luckily you were wearing proper safety equipment as David suggested so he really got you out of the fire on this one. Who needs a tanning salon when you can get the job done faster and cheaper like this!

    Quote Originally Posted by opethmike View Post
    I wish that Dave T. had given me this information earlier; this happened to me last week:

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