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Thread: Hissem time machine

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    I actually like the unsync'd pulsing. Of course knowing you used christmas lights, now im gonna be hearing jungle bells when I see
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    Same here. I don't think energy can flow at the same pace coming in from different sources or channels, and it lends a more organic feel to thing, plus it's smooth like energy flowing vs the flashing of 3 LED's in the Diamond Select version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iflights View Post
    This was well written from at the spur of the moment interview. I would like to clear up some minor facts that are mentioned. The title says it is a "perfect replica". That is misleading. I never did say that it was a perfect replica or a good replica. I usually address it as a good representation of what it is supposed to be. The biggest question I get is how I was able to make it look so close or how I got the info to doing this. I explain that Mark D is a co-worker, and he has shared enough info to do what I needed to know. I then used what resorses I had available and without spending too much money. The result is what I came up with. It also means that there is a lot of detail but the wrong detail in most cases. The reactions with most people are overwhelming and are not trained to spot the fake and inaccurate detail. All they see are the highlights and amazing "false detail". When you study anything authentic, you can easily spot the counterfeit. I have had a few people point out to me some details, and usually they are close to being wrong in what ever it is in the movie. There were some cases, that they point out something, and they were write. Then I will go into the reason of why I did what I did, but that is rare. I know the reporter didn't remember everything I said. He was writing what about how the experience was at that car show. I will always be just one of those guys who is just living out a dream and having fun. I always give credit for where I am today to those who took the time to share their knowledge. All I did was to do my best with what I have. To some, it is too much to comprehend achieving such a goal and dream, and that's where they might think it is the real thing.
    Basically, I don't want this article to be exaggerating or misleading in the area of "perfect/accurate replica"

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