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Thread: Drivers' side winshoeld wiper not working

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    Drivers' side winshoeld wiper not working

    Hi ODOC'ers,

    I discovered that my drivers' side windshield wiper does not function. It "twitches" and the arm sits very low on the windshield. The passenger side works fine and sprays washer fluid.

    Any suggestions?


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    The arm has likely come loose from the pivot mechanism. Lift the hood and see if the nut or pivot shaft moves back and forth when switched on. If there is a plastic cap on the arm it will pop off with a small screwdriver.

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    Did you get this sorted out, Dean?

    Dennis is right about checking that pivot point where the wiper arm attaches. Likely not tight anymore or something related. Let us know if you need some more help with it.

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