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Thread: I'm Back

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    Oh yeah! 2 days early!!

    I can't say enough nice things about Nationwide Auto Shipping. I really wanted to receive my DeLorean by October 21, but wasn't able to arrange an inspection of the car until October 10 in Philadelphia. Mark at Nationwide told me that I should fill out the order form and just mark it as "pending buyer inspection". He told me that they work 7 days a week and as soon as I decided on the car to call him and they'd get it on a carrier. When I checked out the car, everything looked good and I bought it. I called Mark and he told me that they'd get on it. When I hadn't heard anything by Monday, I called and learned that because it was Columbus Day, they weren't working and none of the transporters that they work with are working. I started to panic. I kept reinforcing that I really, really needed the car by the 21st. On Tuesday, a pickup was set for Wednesday (one week before the 21st). It seemed like there was still a chance since my original estimate had been 7-10 days. Wednesday morning, I received an email from the seller of the car saying that the driver was only a mile from his house when the pickup order was cancelled. @#$@#$@#$ I called Mark at Nationwide to find out what the heck was going on. It turned out that the transporter that was to make the pickup had to adjust their schedule and quoted delivery at 12 days. Because Mark knew that the timing was so important to me, he pulled the rug out from under them and scrambled to get another transporter. The car was picked up early Wednesday afternoon. I spent the weekend hoping that by some miracle, it would arrive by the 21st. I was blown away when the driver called me this morning and said that he'd be in San Leandro between 10:30 and 11:30.

    So, Nationwide Auto Shipping really pulled this off!


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    congratulations! Will love to hear the story behind it!

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