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Thread: New to the Bay Area

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    New to the Bay Area

    Hey everyone! I'll be moving from Los Angeles to Union City at the end of September and was wondering about NCDMC (joining, email list for events, etc.) and suggestions on a good shop for the car.

    vin 1099

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    Hey! That's great news for us Bay Area D owners. Thanks for letting us know.

    The NCDMC listings come in various ways - other NCDMCers can correct me here:
    - The club site -
    - The club posts on this forum (the category you posted this in)
    - The email list is the NCDMC YahooGroup -
    - Facebook page - Ken M. shows a link to it on the club site (also a link to the YahooGroup email list)

    A recommended D-friendly shop near Union City would be Fremont Foreign Auto -

    As for club events there might be a Fall drive event and perhaps some October 21 fun someplace?

    The system here is less formalized these days - joining is simple - last I heard it's a matter of showing up at an event.
    If you have an idea for an event then run with it and let us know. The Lake Tahoe drive that David P set up recently is a good example.
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    Yes, welcome to NorCal! We have a very active club here. Rich is the man you want to keep in contact with for Bay area events and owners, there is also a good sized group in the Sacramento area that meets nearly monthly for various tech sessions and what not. I'll be organizing a small tech session in the next couple weeks to get some help with a torsion bar install (mine recently broke and it is a 2 man job).

    Watch the yahoo group, Facebook (, and here and you won't miss a thing!
    David Proehl

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    New to the Bay Area

    Hey Jonathan, a warm welcome to you and your Delorean,.
    As David and Rich stated, please feel free to use the Yahoo group list if you have any questions or need assistance. Hope to meet with you soon in one of the local car shows or events.

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    Thank you so much everyone! This is exactly what I was hoping for! I'll look into everything mentioned above and look forward to meeting you all.


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