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Thread: Found Vin 17009

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    So is this the same car or isn't it? Could be a wrong VIN on Ebay too ...

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    I definitely could not understand it in the end. The man mailed me again telling me that for sure there was a misunderstanding upon the VINs. Apologising for his overreaction.

    As far as I am concerned, there are no evidences of this misreading, but anyway I don't care making business with this man anymore, he has been a bit too violent for my tastes.

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    Is it possible 17009 is a cloned car (swapped VIN plate)? I have 17099, and my understanding is that 17XXX were Canadian spec cars. The dash may have been swapped with a US Spec one, but the ebay ad looks like a US Spec car. To many inconsistencies to me....

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    Why doesn't the seller 'proof' it with a picture of the VIN tag?

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    17009 for sale on Craigslist

    I just ran across 17009 on Craigslist:

    It's in New Jersey now and the owner is asking $23k.

    There are a bunch of pics in the ad, but the written description couldn't be much shorter -- can anyone tell if this might be the same car discussed earlier in the thread?

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    Obviously it is the same car that was for sale last June - same pictures too.

    There is no reason that it isn't the car Marty & Ken saw in 2011. Note that they found it at a repair shop, not a wreckers yard. I doubt that they screwed up the VIN. Looks like the engine had just been removed and is not re-installed (or a replacement) and the car made nice again - good looking job too. They are both 5 speeds with black interior, both have flat hoods with the logo on the front corner.
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    Just Purchased VIN 17009

    I'm the new owner of VIN 17009 and I can tell you that the car sitting in my garage is NOT the one that is in those photos. Picked it up from a guy in New Jersey who bought it new.

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