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Thread: New Fan Fail relay

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    The new fused fan fail unit is now ready for sale. I did a bench test with two OEM fans and a static car test in my car with Toby fans. My car is still down waiting for a new clutch so no driving testing yet. Fans get directly powered via a 20 amp fuse on each fan so the only thing I was really testing is that the fan fail light worked without any glitch.

    I have four units with the paint dry now but I had promised 3 of those to customers. I will paint another four today and have started another build of 10.

    I've priced the unit at $84 including USA shipping. By the way USPS just increased prices again.

    I've updated my web site. I have not removed the electronic fused NLA info yet in case some users still need the instructions.

    Revision A fused fan fails running 40 amps. (20 amps each fan) dissipate 9.68 watts.
    Revision K fused fan fails running 40 amps. (20 amps each fan) dissipate 5.45 watts.
    Revision I electronic fused fan fails running 39 amps. (19.5 amps each fan) dissipate 2.58 watts. Had to drop the test current since these fuse at 20 amps.

    So you can see why I tried to use electronic fused fan fails but each owner's fans are so different it just caused to many problems. Now no one should keep running fans that draw 40 amps of power because the stock wiring is just not designed for that current.
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