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Thread: Bringing back the BF Goodrich Radial TA in a 195/60/14

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    Quote Originally Posted by tylka View Post
    I was thinking about this the other day about seeing if Coker Tire could get BFGoodrich to release a batch of front tires for our cars. They are having a huge cruise in this April 1st weekend that I plan to attend. They are suppose to have reps out for customers, so I will bring this back up to them while I am down there. Wish I had my car on the road, because it would probably be the only DMC car there... one day.
    Tell them your car is not there because you can't find tires for it. Ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill6298 View Post
    I had never heard of this. Sounds cool. Have you seen this in person? Does it look good?

    This might actually be the perfect setup. Thanks.
    I havne't seen them in person. but theres a couple of videos on youtube of the product. Heres one.

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