As you all know, Wednesday, October 21st 2015 is the date 'Doc and Marty' arrive from 1985 in Back to the Future II. We've been trying at the last minute to arrange a local celebration and the California Auto Museum has stepped up with an indoor (our cars get inside) event (free for us owners, half off for everyone else in costume), with ice cream and whatever else we can set up. I know it's weekday and short notice, but I'd like to be able to get as many of us together as we can. While none of us have a car with all the BTTF props on them, I and others have many of those props to display. The press will be there along with lots of local time-traveling costumed people. It's a great excuse to get our cars out and at least some way to celebrate the day.

Along with the event at the museum, the Old Sacramento Business Association wants to do a flash mob/photo event in Old Sac itself. They need one car to circle up to old sac from 4 to 5pm and then return to the museum. So I'm looking for one volunteer to do that. Please, I need one of you to help!

We're also looking into extending the event into the evening at one of the local hot spots. It may be in Old Sac or at the Dive Bar on K Street. They will have room for a car or two to be placed out front.

Of course I'm working on details for protections for our cars.

Please try to join us. I'd love the hear from you all!


Link to the event at the Museum: