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Thread: Oct. 21 2015 in San Francisco

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    Oct. 21 2015 in San Francisco

    Industrial Light & Magic, the division of Lucasfilm that did the visual effects for BTTF, is having an employee screening of the film next week preceded by a short presentation by some of the artists who worked on it.

    I wanted to ask whether any DeLorean owners & a guest would like to attend and visit ILM's offices in exchange for allowing people to take pictures with your car.

    The screening will take place at ILM's offices in the Presidio of San Francisco on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 at 7:30pm. I anticipate that we'd like to take photos 6:45pm-7:25pm.


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    Hi Mike, I emailed you yesterday and called today. Is this still happening? Can I get in?

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