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Thread: Fitting a toothed timing wheel to a stock engine?

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    Fitting a toothed timing wheel to a stock engine?

    Any of you EFI guys use a timing wheel (36-1 or otherwise) on a stock PRV engine, using either the stock crankshaft pully or something custom ( machined custom pulley, for example)?
    Looking for a source for a pully+wheel, or thoughts on fitting an off-shelf wheel to the existing pulley. Thanks!

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    I'm using a 36-1 wheel bolted to the back of a B280F pulley with the last groove (closest to the timing cover) cut off. It may be possible to weld one onto a stock pulley, but I opted to only bolt it on so that I'd have adjustability. The wheel I got was from DIY Auto Tune. I'm sure you can also cut teeth into the last groove of the stock pulley without having any adverse effects on the belt.
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    on a 3.0 but would work the same with 2.8 v belt setup.

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