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Thread: delorean factory mural installed today

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    delorean factory mural installed today

    After tracking down the original negative for this photo (thanks Chris), I was able to scan it at ultra high rest and have a 12' mural made out of it.

    if anybody wants a high res scan of this, please let me know. I'd be happy to send you a copy since I own it now.

    tony c

    tony cIMG_6745.jpgIMG_6746.jpg

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    Completely awesome.....
    Livin' the dream....

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    As if that garage needed to be any cooler! . Looks great!

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    There is no way that I can be happy again with the knowledge of this garage's existance, and knowing it will never be mine.

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    Very cool. I'm in the middle of a house renovation and just trying to think where this could go.

    (Caught builders without cup of tea)

    Can I ask the process, what did you print it onto? Is it done in strips? Was it expensive to have printed? Cheers

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    Very nice addition to an awesome garage!

    1981 DeLorean DMC-12 (5 Speed, Gas Flap, Black Interior, Windshield Antenna, Dark Gray)
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    thanks for the compliments!

    Since a number of you have Pm'd me, here are some more details:

    When I decided to create this wall paper mural, I knew I'd need a very very high res image due to the size. Chris P (who authored the amazing Delorean book at the just came out) offered to sell me the negative so I could use it for my mural. I could've paid $100 for a one time use or $350 and I own the negative and can do what I want with it. So, in the holiday spirit, I decided to offer copies of it for free to anybody in the community that wants it.

    The original image is color and roughly 4:3 aspect ratio. I cropped it to the widescreen ratio I needed and converted it to black and white. I scanned it at crazy high res to the image size his huge. Magic Murals, who I had print it for me, cleaned up the image even more and it is flawless. I looked at a bunch of mural companies, and this one blows everyone away. They always have a 30% off sale on their site, and today it is 40%. You might need to move your mouse off the page like you are leaving the site, then the 40% coupon pops up.

    My mural is 79" x 146", but they made an interesting error on their first printing. I approved the proof at that size (and the cost of about $400) and then a massive box showed up a few days later. They accidentally printed it at 146" x 300"! So I have another, unused $1000+ building size mural still in the box. When I told them of the error, they reprinted immediately and fed exed overnight. Great company and service. I dealt with JEANNE BLANK • Service Consultant Direct: (919) 205-1961 • Office: (877) 448-7295

    The mural came in 3 pieces, each roughly 49" wide by 79" high. It was self adhesive (removable) and super easy to install. we taped it up with blue tape and pulled the backing off as we went and smoothed it. 1 piece didn't line up perfectly (there is about 1/2" overlap) so we lift it off and replaced it. super easy.

    I uploaded the very high res scan of the 4:3 in color, the converted black and white, and also my cropped widescreen image. Feel free to download and share. If any of you use it, the only thing I'd ask is that you share a picture of your project on the forum. (and buy me a beer or three at DCS if you go.) I will probably have some type of tech day here in the spring, so if any of you are local, stop by. dropbox link:

    tony c
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    Awesome place and very nice picture on the wall
    Thank you very much for sharing the Dropbox files with the community

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domi View Post
    Awesome place and very nice picture on the wall Thank you very much for sharing the Dropbox files with the community
    Not so fast, The dropbox files won't open for me. It's hard to distinguish but here is the screen image >>Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.32.35 AM.jpg

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    they are very large .tif files. that is the file that was used for the mural, so I just redownloaded and checked it. It opened ok on my pc. Did anybody else try to download? are all the files not working for you?

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