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Thread: Blackhawk Coffee and Cars

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    Blackhawk Coffee and Cars

    I've never been to Blackhawk's Coffee and Cars event on the first Sunday of the month, but I was just browsing their Facebook page and saw a DeLorean from last month's event. So, whose was it? How is that event? Should we make it a regular thing for the NCDMC?

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    Blackhawk Coffee and Cars

    Hey there,
    This was my car. I live in Blackhawk so I normally goes to each of those events.
    A lot of the times other Club members joins me.
    Come say hello if you are coming today, it is so much fun :-)
    The next event is on Jan 2nd and two other owners will be there. Please join us !
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    Fresh from this morning!

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    And these shots from a C&C "D" event Maor arranged, this one from September this year:

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    Thanks for sharing Rich, great pictures!

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    Thanks for sharing the photos Rich! That was me in September. I already miss California so much. Blackhawk C&C is a great event.
    David Proehl

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    Nice pictures, thank you for sharing

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