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Thread: New Clock Module - Looking for Testers

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMC-81 View Post
    I'm looking forward to the possibility of this product being offered. I give it 5 stars!!
    Thank you for the wonderful, glowing review! I'm glad it's worked well, means my design should be pretty robust.

    To everybody else - I would love to sell these and get them in the hands of DeLorean owners. The biggest problem I still face is where to get enough displays. I haven't talked to many vendors, but as far as I know, none of them really have a good supply of clocks, broken or working.
    I would probably need to do an exchange program - you send in your clock, I swap the display over to the new PCB, then send it back.

    I haven't touched this project in a long time, but it could be sold in its current form - just need displays.
    Most likely I will not be able to sell this version and will need to sell an LED version instead (hardware already been developed, just needs firmware). That can be made with all-new parts, no exchanging required, and cheaper as well. Downside is, it doesn't look perfectly stock.

    Not sure what I will do yet. I will likely be more motivated to work on it once I actually get my DeLorean, which is still waiting on some long-lead items.

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    I have a clock with a good display, I'd like to do the exchange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r00b View Post
    I have a clock with a good display, I'd like to do the exchange.
    Same here

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