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Thread: Bluetooth for your Megasquirt EFI

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    Bluetooth for your Megasquirt EFI

    Ok, so a bluetooth version has been available from the EFI analytics people (and others) for quite a while, but it's fairly pricey at $55. I used these instructions: for a unit I bought here: for $11.55 including shipping and handling!!!!

    Ok, you do have to have some hacking skills. The soldering etc that is described in the instructions is pretty straightforward. You will need to connect the module to a computer (so that means it must have a serial connection or you have to have a USB/serial adapter) and send it an AT command to set the baud rate correctly. This requires a terminal program; I used a free download and got it right the first time...and I've never done that before.

    The new bluetooth unit synced up with my little netbook computer no problem, but Tuner Studio didn't "see" the com ports when scanning. I knew from the bluetooth pairing that it was on com 11 and com 18, so when TS couldn't find them I just told it to connect to these two. Voila.

    The whole reason I did this was because my EFI analytics one stopped working Maybe I should go back and check to see if the same manual port configuration would make it start working again....hummm. In any case, I'm posting this so that others can hop on the bluetooth wagon very cheaply if they wish. Enjoy.
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    I use the $55 one for shadow dash. I needed a serial cable and a gender bender since my box is squished in there. I normally just use the USB (purple cord) for my laptop. Eventually I'll get this all put together and have a passenger seat instead of a sub-woofer box. Then I can move on to installing your front suspension braces that I've had sitting on my shelf for like 2 years now.


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