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Thread: DeLorean World Tour - late Feb. event in SF/Bay Area

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    Quote Originally Posted by spedlot View Post
    So what's the best way to get a hold of them?

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    I'll PM you - Klaus is the main contact.
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    Now have moved to email and phones for the final arrangements for this event. 6 cars now for SF tomorrow (Saturday) - and 3 cars for Santa Cruz on Sunday.

    Last-minute attendees OK. Just show up or PM here soon. Expecting to pull out of the meet-up place by 10AM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    Update for this Saturday in San Francisco with Klaus, Andre and Wolfgang.

    Date: Saturday, 27 Feb.
    Place: Meetup at the Marina Green Park parking lot with DWTour and NCDMC
    Time: 9:30AM - later arrival is OK, we can catch each other by phone as the day goes on. Early departures OK.
    Car: DeLoreans preferred, not mandatory
    Bring: FRS radio if you have one - sometimes SF traffic can string us out

    Attendance: PM me if I have not already been in touch with you about this event.

    Activities: TBD and largely depending on what they want to see and how they want to get there. Am preparing several segments of routes to popular places. Food and rest stops along the way, sightseeing. Hoping that we can at least do Lombard Street and the GG Bridge overlooks. And maybe beer.
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    DeLorean World Tour's Day in San Francisco

    A lovely and memorable day was shared here in San Francisco by the intrepid DeLorean World Tour team and local DeLorean owners together!

    The California sun came out on Saturday, 27-Feb so San Francisco could sparkle for our world-touring new friends as they spent a full day with local NCDMC members enjoying the sights, roads and comradery in the City by the Bay. We encourage all DeLorean-heads to seek out our the DWTour team as they make their way around the world. I dare anyone to find three more friendly, energetic and excited "DeLorean ambassadors" than Klaus, Wolfgang and Andre!

    Gathering mid-morning at Marina Green Park with DWTour team plus their West Coast friend, Oliver, the group of 6 DeLoreans with DWTour machines escorted in the middle set out directly for the Marin Headlands to view back over the Golden Gate Bridge and The City:
    DSC00473 (Medium).jpgDSC00494 (Medium).jpgDSC00497 (Medium).jpgIMG_5687.jpgIMG_5691.jpgIMG_5697.jpg

    A scenic detour behind the mountains led to an historic military tunnel for our return back across the GG Bridge so that we could park close up to and beneath….the sunny side of the Golden Gate Bridge. There was a slight delay en route, but no damage done.

    DSC00503 (Medium).JPGDSC00506 (Medium).jpgDSC00514 (Medium).JPGDWT-SF- - 97.jpgDWT-SF- - 44.jpgDWT-SF- - 90.JPG

    Crowds and photo ops abounded for some time before we crossed to Ocean Beach for a beachside lunch break followed by a lengthy tech inspection of DWTour’s purpose-built machines. Quite impressive and, again, a magnet for passers-by:

    DSC00520 (Medium).jpgDSC00523 (Medium).JPGDSC00531 (Medium).jpgDSC00533 (Medium).jpgDSC00542 (Medium).jpgDSC00544 (Medium).jpg

    From there it was on to the geographic center of SF, Twin Peaks, with clear vistas in 3 directions, before jamming down some twisty roads toward the freeway that jetted us to a photo session and coffee break next to the Bay Bridge:

    DSC00552 (Medium).jpgDSC00571 (Medium).jpgIMG_5761.jpg

    For “dessert” 6 DeLoreans weaved through downtown, past the cable cars and then all in a row ran the “Lombard Street Slalom”, our anti-Nurburgring here, just at dusk. Check the smiling faces that Mark clearly captured:

    DSC00584 (Medium).jpgDSC00589 (Medium).jpgDSC00600 (Medium).jpgDSC00622 (Medium).jpgDSC00626 (Medium).jpgDSC00634 (Medium).jpgDSC00643 (Medium).jpgDSC00639 (Medium).jpg

    Massive thanks to Mark W. for planning, co-driving and coordination. Plus terrific photos he and Brian submitted*. Owners and co-drivers included Rich, Mark, Christian, Melissa, Eric, Rob, Kathy, Brian and Tulani. Truly a memorable day, literally all around San Francisco together with Klaus, Wolfgang, Andre and Oliver.

    * Links to online albums by Mark and Brian, respectively, for higher-res and more photos:
    Link to Mark's pics
    Link to Brian's pics

    DWTour SF Map.jpg

    We Northern Californians all wish Klaus, Wolfgang and Andre all the best in their worldwide quest. Auf Wiedersehen!
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    In sharp contrast to the beautiful day in San Francisco, was the overcast, just a day later in Santa Cruz. It did not dampen our spirits though as we were all glad to meet Klaus, Andre, Wolfgang and Oliver!

    Wolfgang was quickly nabbed by the local press for an interview (see link below) with KION news reporter, Maya Holmes:
    When asked why are you doing it? Wolfgang replied "One reason is that we can do it"

    Second reason..."Nobody stopped us early enough"

    Although it was a quick visit, we appreciated the stopover....

    ...but all too quickly it was time for them to go. Auf Wiedersehen , neue Freunde

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    Awesome - thank you for sharing the pictures and experiences

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