After just replacing the tiny internal fuel pump in my All-in-One DMCH unit, I can't stress enough the importance of cleaning out the tank when you install it. My pickup filter was NASTY, which makes me believe that the PO of my car didn't do a very good job, if he did it at all.

In addition, take this opportunity to replace the main Fuel Filter as well, since I see you ordered it. Have you checked your fuel accumulator yet? It might be a good idea to take a look in the cubby to see what's doing in there. This is what awaited me when I bought my car:

What you see here is the ORIGINAL fuel accumulator and rubber lines. Note that the rubber is crumbling off, revealing the white reinforcing fibers underneath. Yeah, that's not good.

After replacement:
Having a known-good fuel system from the tank to the Fuel Distributor is a nice feeling.