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Thread: DMC Midwest Announcement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Thanks Domi!

    That's quite a lot of money, but judging by how good they look, you get what you paid for. Let us know how they do once installed or share some pics if you have them.
    You're welcome
    Yes, they're pretty expensive, I had to save money for a few month, but I think they worth the money very well.
    Sure, I'll post some pictures in my thread here:

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    Congrats to Dave and Julee. A big thanks to Dave for answering 10 years worth of my dumb questions over the phone and via countless emails as I attempted to rebuild my car. I must have sent him 10,000 emails as I moved throughout the car, and he never failed to answer any of them...most of which within an hour of me sending it.

    I look forward to working with Mike and Suzy for as long as I own my car. I'm not sure how long that will be as of right now...part of me thinks it's time to let go of my car, and seeing Dave move on somehow makes it a little easier for me.

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