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Thread: DMC Midwest Announcement

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    Congrats to both the Swingles and McElhattans! Dave & Julee, you leave big shoes to fill, but I know Mike & Suzy are up to the challenge.
    David Proehl

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    Happy for you two to have some more time for those kids and grandkids. My retirement sure has given me the time and energy to spend a lot of time with my two granddaughters. Maybe see you sometime in South Carolina since my brother lives there now I should get more time down there.
    Dave M vin 03572

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    Congrats to Dave and Julee from the other Dave and Juley -- as well as congrats to Mike and Suzy!

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    I hope Dave and Julee enjoy their extra time with their family. Best of luck to the McElhattans! It is great news for the DMC community that there is a planned transition and the company will continue with existing and new products

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    I'm so happy for you both! But also so sad as many are after reading this (for purely selfish reasons of course!)... You guys are the best! You are leaving DMCMW in the next pair of awesome hands though! I'll miss your voice Julee!
    DeLorean VIN 16793 - 1983
    Loving my power steering!

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    Wow that was quite a shocking email to get this morning. I always knew this day would come for the two of you but I hoped it would be a little later. Best of luck to you both.

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    Congrats to Dave and Julee for the decision to make more times for yourselves!! You guys have certainly earned it!

    Mike and Suzy have huge shoes to fill, but it sounds as though they're off to a great start. And they definitely had the best mentors so it sounds like this will be a good transition. As long as the DMCMW phone number in my phone still works, it will still be the number I call when I need parts!

    Thanks for all the help over the years, and here's to the miles ahead!

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    Dave 'n Julee

    Hopefully Dave will monitor DMCTALK and jump in with
    his sage advice whenever possible????......

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    Congratulations Dave and Julee on your retirement! Dave, thank you for taking the time to talk on the phone 3 years ago when I began inquiring and shopping around for my car. Even when you figured I probably wouldn't buy the car from you because of my location, you still took the time to give me solid impartial shopping advice, both at a dealer and from a private party. That was my first interaction with anybody at DMC, and in this rushed "time is money" world, it spoke volumes to me about the company and it's values. After scouring the internet for the next few months, I wound up buying the car from DMCFL, when I got a similar experience there. It made it easy to say yes.

    Also, thanks for all the solid advice on this forum throughout the restoration. This, combined with the awesome community that is DMCTalk, assisted and motivated me along the way.

    It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you and Stephen at DMCFL's open house last year. All the best to you and to Julee as you embark on the next adventure in your lives!

    Mike and Suzy, congratulations and best wishes on taking the step into ownership! Wow, what a dream job!


    1981 DeLorean DMC-12 (5 Speed, Gas Flap, Black Interior, Windshield Antenna, Dark Gray)
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    2006 Dodge Magnum R/T (D/D)
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    Congrats to Dave and Julee, you have both been great!!! -- And to Mike and Suzy.
    Good luck x 4!

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