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Thread: DMC Midwest Announcement

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    Change of the gaurd

    I knew through the vendor grapevine this day was coming but not exactly when. Congratulations Julee and Dave on your semi-retirement. It's great you'll be able to pursue your charitable interests and get more family time. As for
    Mike and Suzie my heartfelt best wishes and I look forward to working with you in the years ahead if the opportunity allows it. Cheers all around!
    Rob Grady

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    Wow. As sorry I am to see Dave and Julee make their exit, that's surpassed by me being happy for them on their retirement - at whatever level it's starting.

    All the best guys, and thanks for everything you've done over the years.
    - Chris


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    I haven't known either for very long but all of my experiences have been very positive. I'm happy for all involved!

    Dave: I wish you luck on the retirement and the work with Dainty Warrior.

    Mike: Looking forward to getting products and services from you.
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    This is good news all around. When Colleen and I bought our car from DMCMW last year at the open house, we worked with Dave, Julee, Mike, and Suzy. We got our first real taste of DMCMW service as owners from all 4. I'm sure we'll be in very capable hands, which makes it much easier for me to wish the Swingles the best in their retirement. Congratulations Mike and Suzy on your new roles in the community.

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    Dave and Julee

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    I haven't had my car for that long, but I think I've spoken to all four of you over the phone at least once. Good luck to everyone, thanks for all the help.

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    As sad as I am to hear they have passed the torch, Dave and Julee have earned their retirement! They have offered nothing but top notch service and advice in the times I have spoken to them. I regret not getting the chance to meet them in person (still may be a possibility, hopefully) but over the phone they have helped out this lone DeLorean owner on more than one occasion. Everyone here has expressed their utmost respect and appreciation towards their service to the DeLorean community and that speaks volumes to what wonderful people they are.

    I have nothing but good things to say about Mike! When I was looking for a car, he had kept in touch and even called a few times to alert me to some potential candidates. His help and knowledge was greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to speak to his wife, Suzy, but I look forward to working with them both for the spring "parts order".

    Congratulations to all and here is to many more years of great service from DeLorean Motor Company Midwest!

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    Congrats all around, I echo all the other statements already made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMCTek View Post
    New batch just come in on Friday. We plan to keep all DMCMW items available and continue to bring new items to the market.

    Attachment 39349
    Attachment 39350
    Does anyone have some news about Mike?
    I've tried to contact him, but no answer.
    Maybe he's busy or on vacation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domi View Post
    Does anyone have some news about Mike?
    I've tried to contact him, but no answer.
    Maybe he's busy or on vacation?
    Mike has been very busy prepping customer cars before DCS 2016.
    Make sure to cc: Suzy on any email requests, if waiting for a reply.

    Mike does transports on the weekends too (Minnesota last weekend)
    so not much free time on some of the weekends as well.

    I was just there again on Thursday dropping off more upgrade parts
    for the DCS 2016 Raffle Car, so I am one of the guys keeping Mike
    busy the past few weeks. More details on Raffle Car updates soon.

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