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Thread: Team Time Car Delorean catches fire!!

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    Team Time Car Delorean catches fire!!

    This Delorean is owned by Paul Nigh and is used to help find missing children. Everyone is ok, but the car is yet to be determined.

    Also included a before fire pic.

    Not sure what caused the fire, but at least everyone is ok!!
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    Glad everyone is ok. Looks like the fire was at the rear of the engine compartment. Probably started by the exhaust system heating up and plastic melting. Maybe the manifold, cat or muffler got too hot.


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    Seeing those pics brought a tear to my eye. How sad...
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    So sad. Glad everyone is OK. Looks like it's repairable.

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    He said that the car started driving very poorly and he was trying to keep going down the road, when he finally noticed the fire. Looks like it has to be a fuel leak. A fire of that magnitude has to have something causing the fire to spread so quickly. A fuel leak in the engine bay would start showing itself by a loss of fuel pressure at the injectors, meaning the car would start to run like crap. Once the engine bay is thoroughly coated with fuel, it doesn't take much before the hot exhaust ignites it. Major bummer; I know they did a lot of good work with their car. From facebook it looked like Insurance was taking care of everything, but it still totally sucks.

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    So sorry to see the car in such a poor condition.
    Everyone is safe, and that's the more important.

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    More pics of the damage..

    It will be fixed I'm sure!!
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    Sad to see this happen... glad the occupants were unharmed. All things considered it could have been much worse.

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    This is heartbreaking and I'm very sorry for what happened. Such a wonderful DeLorean and a timemachine available to help bring awareness to a problem in society. Anyway we/ I can bring back your BTTF whole again quickly (and pull together as a community) as the important cause to help bring awareness to missing children there is no time to waste.

    I know insurance companies can "cut a check" but time to find and replace damaged and important Delorean auto-parts, bttf is tough.

    I know it's a small gesture, but I can donate the barcode license plate and as well the engine bay courtesy light and housing. Let me know where to ship it!

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