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Thread: Join the DeLorean World Tour as they travel though Florida!

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    Ok, I was able to contact the restaurant and give them a heads up on our arrival tonight. They say that they can't reserve parking, so I suppose we are all on our own.

    See you all tonight!
    Brandon S.

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    Holy cow, this is only about 20 minutes away from me. I should be there too!

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    It was nice to meet and talk to Andre, Klaus, and Wolfgang over dinner last night. It was very interesting to hear of their adventures, and their thoughts/ideas on our cars. It was also nice to meet/see the guys from DCF.

    Here are the pictures that I took. I'm sure other people will post theirs.




    The day was threatening thunderstorms, but my car didn't get a drop of water on it. Thank you all for a great evening!!

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    Pictures and comments of my restoration journey are in the albums section on my profile.


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    Well crap, that's what I get for checking the forum one a month. These guys drive thru Pensacola last Sunday and I didn't even know. I checked their live tracker, I was even on I-10 where they were 20 min beforehand.
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