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Thread: new owner!

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    new owner!

    Hello to all,

    I am Robert, the very new owner of #5450, and I have had her for less than 2 weeks now I just wanted introduce myself to everyone, and find a group of friends that shares my passion.

    I am a 39 yr old male. Married with children, and also a new home owner.

    #5450 now lives in my Garage, has had 2 previous owners who loved her very much, and is nearly show room quality (for her cosmetics).

    Previous owner put 500 miles on her and the original owner put on the other 31,000. It has had its general matinence done but nothing more than that. I was told that she was mechanically perfect as well but I have found a few things out since then.
    After replacing all the Struts the doors open very slow but do open all the way.
    replaced both window switches
    replacing defroster switch
    Replaced fuel accumulator
    Replaced Cold start Modulator
    Need driver side door latch adjustment as the car locks me out of the driver side
    Driver window is off track a bit, but nothing my elbow hasn't been fixing
    Automatic transmission not shifting. Shift computer needs to be replaced
    Some kind of leak under the transition area
    Oil Leak from the Lamp plug?

    And I'm sure I will find some more

    So, I figured there was a group of experience to draw from before I headed down to Huntington beach. I would love to do as much of this myself. So, if any of you out there love to work on these cars please hit me up and say hello.

    I see you all have an even this weekend in San Jose. I would love to attend but from what I'm told, and how the Delorean looks, it has never seen the rain before. plus I have no idea how to wash the thing! Stainless steel cleaner and a rag right?

    Anyways I'm really looking forward to meeting you all. If it does not rain this weekend I'll take the drive Down to San Jose.

    Drop me a line and say hello!


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    Hi rob! Welcome!

    Here, somewhere.

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    the door struts i wouldnt worry. I replaced mine when i got my car. And a year later, this week i installed new ones. Is it cold where you live? The cold can affect them going up all the way as it affects the gas inside the strut

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    Congrats and welcome Rob!

    I have owned 5625 for almost 2 years now and have done an awful lot of work to her. I attest the the successes I've had to the great people on this forum. If you have any issues someone will always chime in to help out. Keep us up to date on the work you do, and remember it didn't happen without pics!

    I'm still learning all of the systems but can definitely chime in on subjects I'm in the know about.

    Congrats on your purchase again!
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    Congrats & welcome!

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    Good looking ride there! Welcome!

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    Good to have you aboard. Where in CA are you located? Don't be afraid of washing it. It's made of metal and fiberglass, not sugar and newspaper. Water and car shampoo will do just fine.
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    Hey Robert, congratulations and welcome!
    Please do your best to join us this Saturday at Sprint Auto Works.
    Hope you can make it!

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    You may want to take care of that auto tranny issue. Otherwise, it will get very expensive (~$8K). Let Rob check it out this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewtoDMCRob View Post
    Need driver side door latch adjustment as the car locks me out of the driver side
    Driver window is off track a bit, but nothing my elbow hasn't been fixing
    Automatic transmission not shifting. Shift computer needs to be replaced
    Some kind of leak under the transition area
    Oil Leak from the Lamp plug?
    Welcome and congrats.

    As Ryan said, attend to that transmission issue first, and for certain BEFORE you drive it anywhere like to a meet. Go ahead and take your daily driver to the meet, but an auto trans "not shifting" needs to be sorted out before you go anywhere in the car.

    Having said that, it might not be too involved for you to at least do some initial diagnosing on what the problem is.

    When you say the car is "not shifting," what do you mean? Is it staying in 1st the whole time? Is it staying in 3rd the whole time? Is it staying in 1st until very late and high RPMs and then finally shifting/thundering into 2nd?

    If the car behaves like it is stuck in 3rd (and feels like it has no power off the line), it may be your #13 fuse is bad (or missing). Look in your fuse and relay area behind the passenger seat (this is a good thing to be doing anyway) and confirm the fuse is ok. In fact, look in there and confirm everything is in order as per the schematic. Take a photo and post here if you'd like and we'll help.

    It could also be a fluid issue. You can check the ATF level in the trans using the dipstick at the back of the engine bay (sort of under the ballast resistor, with a red handle usually). Car needs to running, with the engine warmed up, cooling fans cycling and sitting on level ground. Procedure is in the manual.

    It is "probably" a shift computer governor problem, but it could also be your filter is plugged and not letting the ATF go to where it needs to go. You'll only get to inspect that (and replace it with one of Michael's filters) when you drain the ATF and drop the trans pan (the black one further forward from the engine one).

    You can also do some inspecting of the shift computer wiring and look to see if it got melted or damaged in some way from lying on the hot exhaust piping. It very well could have.

    Don't feel bad, many automatics once they find their way into new hands, need shift computer work to get things right.

    I strongly recommend you hold off on driving the car ANY distance until you figure out what the story is. Be patient. This isn't some "be afraid of the boogeyman" story. It would be very wise to get that sorted out before it gets worse. Shift computers are rebuilt very easily (by people that know how to do that, DMC vendors are just those people) and not that expensive. Bigger trans issues are not fun and not cheap.

    Do still go to the meet with the local club if you can. You will not be the first DeLorean owner to show up to an event without his car and you certainly won't be the last. I can think of more than a few people that have gone to years of events without their cars early on, so much so that you wondered if they really did actually own a DeLorean!! (yea... me )

    Good luck. Post your questions on the forum here and we'll help you figure it out.

    Sept. 81, auto, black interior

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