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Thread: No AC

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    It's normal for mixed refrigerant to charge with liquid and not use gas charging. The reason is each gas in the mixture gets pulled in differently (one changes to gas before the other). Now if your using a small can and will be using the whole can I would guess charging as gas should be fine. With a 30 lb. tank you would just be charging one of the mixtures gases.

    But I thought R12a was just propane.
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    Interesting, it says in the official Red tek instructions that you charge as a LIQUID at 0 atmosphere. Too me that means holding the can inverted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitsyncmaster View Post
    Now if your using a small can and will be using the whole can I would guess charging as gas should be fine.
    That makes sense.

    The docs are FUBAR, imho.
    They say to evacuate the system, which leaves a hard vacuum, which is below '0'. Then they say to install at '0'...and not where a hard vacuum exists. Contradictory...

    I'm still interested in knowing how they would suggest raising it from below '0', to '0', without going with a little gas first... But when they say their own conversion chart is too complicated....

    Too much BS for me with it screwing up pressure/diagnostics and all later. But, if it works for you in the end...

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