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Thread: Introductions!

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    Come say hey and introduce yourself here. If you're new or been here a while let folks know about who you are.
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    Nothing witty here lest it offend
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    My name is Sam, I like long walks in the park and 'international coffees.'

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    DeLorean Driver
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    My name is Jeff, I have an 81 DeLorean, and a few other odd and interesting cars in my fleet. I am in the DMA club, and have only been to 1 meet so far, but I am looking forward to some more.
    Still rocking the Ducellier

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    My name is Mark and I've been the owner of 6125 for the past three years. I'm a long time DeLorean enthusiast (like most people here) and enjoy working on and driving my stock D in my free time.

    I'm also part of a recently formed company called Temporal FX that builds high end BTTF conversions. Our group has been involved with several large promotions in the last few months... Our main show car is the official Hot Wheels DeLorean used to promote the exclusive Comic Con time machine Hot Wheels toys. We are also involved with promotions for a major shoe manufacturing company that will be releasing products related to BTTF in the near future.

    My real job is engineering chassis, engine, and emissions systems for fire and rescue vehicles.

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    I'm Farrar (sounds like "FAIR-err") and I live in the New Orleans area, where I work in radio and go to college part-time.

    I bought VIN 02613 in November of 2007, and have driven it as much as possible since then with little regard for resale value or "keeping it stock" except bearing in mind that my modifications must be reversible should I be forced to sell it in the future. It has Stage I exhaust (the earliest version) and a few other DMC-approved upgrades. It also has a low-pressure fuel system installed just prior to a test drive from Laurinburg, NC to Gettysburg, PA. Recently, the job of converting the A/C system from R-12 to R-134a was begun and will be completed soon. I have an average of about four hours a week to work on the car, so I am very slow to get things done. Future upgrades include a power delay on the windows so that they can be operated for 60 seconds after ignition shutoff, and a re-wire of the cooling system to allow for a relay and circuit breaker on each fan. Low-amp cooling fans are also in the works.

    #2613 once caught on fire on the way home in Gastonia, NC and sat in Charlotte, NC for about 6 months while I found time in my schedule to go up and repair her and drive her home. Within two days, it was roadworthy again thanks to the generous help of Bill Robertson (who gave me a replacement Volvo distributor he found on eBay!). I believe the fire was caused by an electrical problem, so the incident earned the car the nickname "Sparky." A second block ground was added prior to my drive back home to southeast Louisiana. After that, I noticed low oil pressure and an oil leak in the engine valley. The recesses where the "block rot" was have been filled with Moroso engine epoxy. I installed Jeff Angwin's new automatic transmission computer last year.

    So far, Sparky has about 78,000 (or possibly 178,000?) miles on it. I have added John Hervey's side stripes and high-mounted brake lights, changed most of the exterior and all of the interior lights to LEDs, added some lights inside, and changed the headlights to H4 bulbs and housings, but apart from that the car looks like a normal DeLorean. I plan on driving Sparky to Orlando next year for DCS 2012, so be sure to say hello.

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    Name: Cees
    Nick: Justice
    Car: 2005 Mustang GT 5 speed

    I've been a DeLorean enthusiast since I saw BTTF, but never started looking into them seriously until 2000. I swore I would buy myself one after graduating from military police school in the Netherlands. During the military police school Mart Renders actually was so kind to offer me a ride, a DeLorean experience I have never had. That pretty much sealed the deal. I had to have one. But I never did graduate, and the DeLorean became a figment in my mind.

    Life had other plans, and now I am living in Texas. We're talking a decade of off and on looking, saving, re-distributing money because car / house / daughter / vet bills etc.

    I am still at it though. I keep coming back to that stainless steel car that captured my imagination as a child. It most likely will take years from this date to get everything done financially. Unless I have some windfalls, which are always possible. Just as the cliffs that send one to financial ruin. It might not be possible at all, who knows.

    I got plans though, and that is enough to keep me going. Talking about ownership is half the fun. Hell, by the time I get one, I'll know how to fix just about anything minor (= anything but frame off & engine overhaul) to keep her running.
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    My VIN:    loading, please wait...

    my name is David and i live in Omaha, Nebraska (aka "DeLorean wasteland").

    ive wanted a DeLorean since the mid-nineties... as evidenced in this thread. i was too young to own a car then, so actually having a D was placed on my life's "back burner." fast forward to after college, i still wanted a DeLorean, but living in an apartment, i didnt really have a suitable place to keep it, so ownership was still on hold. in the meantime, i built up my confidence in my mechanical abilities working on a couple project cars: a 1952 Pontiac and a 1958 Buick.

    two years ago my girlfriend and i bought a house, and i made sure it had a garage. ive now had sufficient time to allow my financial situation to stabilize somewhat, and am in a place to start (finally!) saving for my DeLorean. until i reach my goal, i am bumming around here for technical information and camaraderie.

    i have only seen a DeLorean twice in my life: the first was when i was living in Kingsport, TN in the '90s... i made my mom pull over so i could look at a D in a parking lot, but i didnt know enough about them to note any identifying features. the second time was in Las Vegas in November 2000, there happened to be a DeLorean car show when i was attending Comdex, and a bunch of D's drove by our hotel.

    there was one other time in the late '90s in Georgetown in D.C., i thought i saw one out of the corner of my eye as our cab driver was tearing down the street... but i dont count it since i didnt have a positive visual confirmation.
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    Hey everyone! I'm David. I live in a north-western suberb of Minneapolis and I've been a DeLorean enhusiest since I was 6 years old, I'm now 31. I bought my car in 2008 for the purpose of summer weekend driving, car shows, and fulfilling a lifelong dream. My approach to the car has been to upgrade parts when they break, but keep the car as original looking as possible (stainless bumper and engine bay labels being the main exception).

    I'm not a huge poster, but I'm on here almost every day and do my best to respond in threads when I have something that might actually add to the conversation. I'm trying by best not to be the guy you only hear from when he needs something! This forum has been a huge help to me the past 3 years I've owned the car so any way I can give back with my limited mechanical experience (like by writing a simple how to) I try to do so.
    David Proehl

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    Smile Hello

    My name is Bob Lorentz
    A retired bus mechanic,my son in law has the D.We have been fixing some of the D's known problems.Hot start,radio,door struts,headliner.We are SW of Mpls. down in New Prague.
    Nice to know we have dave in the mpls area.
    This site has been very helpful for me. bob

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    owned an 81 delorean for a year, was a great car, but had to sell to afford moving across country to take a job. now I am back home 6 years later and starting to get the itch again for a delorean.

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