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Thread: EZ Oil Change Valve

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    I don't see the need for a car that in most cases doesn't see much road action. I mean how hard is it really to remove a drain plug? My car sees about 2k a year or less, much less so for me once a year is not bad. Maybe if you had a fleet of work vehicles that you service using your own in house department?

    I use a plastic plate to keep the oil off the cross member, unscrew the plug, replace plug. Done and done. Another option is the oil suckers that remove it through the dipstick tube but I don't like those because any loose sludge has a better chance of staying in the pan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan S. View Post
    I am not sure where you bought yours but I can open mine fully, 90 degrees.
    Yes, it’s a tight spot but doesn’t affect opening and closing of valve. You may want to post photo of your installation. If you purchased yours from Toby, you can email him. He is pretty good about answering any installation questions.
    I bought it direct from They shorted me one seal and I bugged them about it and they sent it to me. Here are the photos of mine installed. One picture has the valve closed and the other picture has the valve as opened as I can make it (as I said about 35-45°). The black handle should swing all the way forward pointing towards the front of the car, but it hits the cross member.

    Opened as far as possible:


    Also, In your very large photos on the other thread, it looks like you'll have the exact same problem as I have with yours. Maybe you didn't realize that it should swing all the way forward, pointing to the front of the car...
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    OK. I know why.
    I just went out and checked mine and now I can see why mine turns 90 degrees when yours cannot.
    My valve knob is tilted a little so that when it’s open, knob is just under or outside of cross member. My valve is not installed perfectly straight. It was turned just a little so that knob is pointing at 4 or 8 o’clock position.
    Let me know if it doesn’t make any senses. Maybe I can draw it for you.

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