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Thread: BTTF Delorean Costume for Child's Wheelchair

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    BTTF Delorean Costume for Child's Wheelchair

    Hello. My name is Lon Davis and I'm the owner of Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes, a non-profit organization. We make costumes for kids in walkers and wheelchairs, free of charge to the families. You may have seen some of our creations on TV, magazine articles, Twitter, or on the web. Our website is The reason I'm writing is because we have received a request from a child who would like to have their wheelchair turned into the "Back To The Future" Delorean. I'm very excited to be building this costume for the child, but I'm also trying to locate people who are extremely familiar with the details of the Delorean. I know I can't do the costume 100% movie accurate since it will be built around a wheelchair and the child will still need to be able to operate their wheelchair. I was hoping to be connected to some people who have built replicas of the Delorean so I can talk to them about different parts and materials, how to build them to the scale I need, and perhaps get some great photo references of different sections of the car that I can't get from the movie. Also, if by chance there is anyone willing to help volunteer to make this costume happen, please contact me through our website on the "How to Help" section. These wheelchair costumes are typically made by multiple volunteers and each volunteer might only make one or two parts of the final costume.

    What follows is the first preliminary sketch of the costume. However it will change once I get more information about the child's wheelchair. They were also hoping to get the doors on the costume to open up, so I'll have to redesign the sketch to add that as well. I will likely just not have a roof to the car so the child's head and shoulders will stick out since they will be dressed as Marty McFly.


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at Feel free to visit our website to see that what we do is legitimate and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for any help.

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    Cool project. You might want to contact this guy: His hovercraft isn't really a DeLorean, but he built the body himself. He may have some resources with some measurements and techniques for construction.

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