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Thread: How to: Remove Broken Bolts/Studs

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    How to: Remove Broken Bolts/Studs

    Finally getting around to putting a carb on my Volvo. Coolant distribution pipe doesn't appear to have ever been removed (all hoses under the intake were marked "Volvo"). Despite using a 3/8 impact gun, one of the bolts snapped off:


    5/16" nut fits a 7mm bolt shank perfectly:


    Welding blanket for protection (I use flux wire, which throws a lot of sparks. On the plus side it doesn't care about coolant all over the place, or being outside):


    Nut welded on:


    Broken bolt removed. I just turned it out with a flat wrench. Obviously heat from the welding broke it free:


    Bill Robertson

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    Bill, do you think the flux weld to a nut would work to remove my transmission fill fitting? I stupidly rounded it off and I my stick welder wouldn't hold to the nut and I am afraid that the heat will crack the aluminum housing. My last effort will be to drill it out using an angle drill but I am concerned about not being able to remove all the metal shavings that will fall into the transmission. Any wisdom would be of great help. Garry

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