There is a write-up out there somewhere, I just am having trouble finding it. I have read it before so I know it exists.

Vibration is not normal, and this should not be installed to mask it. You should dig into your front end and see why you're having these issues. Get your tires balanced, get an alignment. I've driven my car with a horrible vibration up front. I replaced a ton of parts chasing it! Bearings. Ball joints. Tie rod ends. Pretty much everything you could replace was done and in the end I had a great, smooth steering vehicle.

I'm interested in these parts because I do not have confidence in the factory u-joints. I'm on my third of fourth pair, I can't remember which and it feels like the lower is already getting a little slop in it. I've even used the upgraded DMCH u-joint back when they were offering it, probably a decade ago, which too failed causing a lot of steering play.

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Given the vibration I have through my wheel I'm exploring all options as well. It's the one thing that really keeps the car from being comfortable to drive. Would be interested in that write-up if it exists. Or is it just a direct swap of the factory components?