Another cooling system check - this time it failed. Radiator fans didn't come on. No bubbles in the system (level in tank did not go down after running for 15 minutes) but temperature got up to 220įF with no fans. This is perplexing. The fans run with air conditioning. When Bill was test driving the car, he said the otterstat wasn't working. Then all of a sudden it started working. Then all of a sudden it stopped working. Now I've replaced it, and it worked once and failed to work once. I suspect a wiring problem. A flaky connection somewhere could cause intermittent failures like this. The circuit is rather complex, though. It will take some time to troubleshoot.

In other news, it looks like the roof box separating may be what's causing my doors to fit differently from how I remember. (Bill noted the passenger door sticking: it's never done that before.) I took the rear finishing piece off and it looks like there's some bowing. I'm going to remove the louvres for a better look (my third brake lights are mounted underneath the louvres), and then the T-panel. I don't see evidence of corrosion, but there may be some lurking under the T-panel. We'll see.

Typical of this car: working on one problem and another arises... Gotta love antique vehicles!