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Thread: 3.0L engine swap

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    Looking forward to seeing & hearing your custom exhaust!
    Restoration of VIN 4728 in progress...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_NYS View Post
    Looking forward to seeing & hearing your custom exhaust!
    So am I ... I hope it's quiet. The last time I took a road trip in the car, my ears were ringing and my voice was hoarse for a full day afterward. 70+ MPH in third gear makes an awful din.

    A few ice ages ago when I decided to replace my rusting "Performance" exhaust from 2004, I bought two Borla Pro XS mufflers. A chart I found on the internet comparing them with similar "performance" mufflers rated them the best for sound reduction, and they were available in stainless steel.

    I also bought two small stainless steel resonators to try to make things even quieter. This was a mistake.

    Because I incorrectly estimated the amount of space available, there wasn't room for both the mufflers and the resonators. I dropped the resonator idea and decided to buy resonator tips instead.

    During engine testing, Bill has been using the Borla Pro XS mufflers with no tips installed. I asked him if the engine was quiet. He said it was more throaty than quiet. I hope that the resonator tips, once finally installed, will help tame it.
    DeLorean status: 3.0L engine installed; tests in progress.

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