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Thread: This guy claims his car was used in BTTF

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    Yeah that sounds great... I tried getting him to send me the VIN after asking him a bunch of other questions but he did not reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by 81dmc View Post
    If you can't get to his vin, take a pic of his license plate number and run it through carfax. He is obviously using the car for attention...
    Thank you. There is a car show over in Westland MI, a stretch for him that I am thinking about going to.

    The problem with DeLoreans is we have a three of them around here (about 10 miles of me) and we barely see each other..... I only see Mike (TIMEZUP) on occasion. Gratiot Cruise, and just met Steve (IT IS) out of Novi at the Woodward Dream Cruise.

    Joe (1.21GW) text but never have met so, it will be chancy me catching up with this guy from Lincoln Park but its doable.

    Is it me or we introverted dudes? or just my area?

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    OUTATIME documentary - and the fate of all the Time Machines

    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    I enjoyed the film and meeting Steve at DCS. One 'criticism' I had about it is that they were a little pedantic about the three car claim. It's very precisely worded that they're discussing ONLY BTTF1 cars, but they state it in a very nuanced way. They could have added a quick line or two about the provenance of the BTTF3 cars. The documentary is almost exclusively about the first movie's cars, which actually fits pretty well given the car was restored back to the Doc Brown car hauler reveal scene and not the more iconic Mr. Fusion setup at the end of the movie.
    Somebody else mentioned it, but I wanted to repeat it. In the bonus audio commentary with Joe Walser and I, we discuss the fate of all 7 vehicles (6 real, 1 fiberglass) used in the BTTF trilogy. We only discussed the A, B, and C cars in the main OUTATIME documentary, because going through the history of all 7 was just a bit too much for the main film. But, we knew BTTF fans would want to know the complete story, so we added it in the audio commentary.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark D View Post
    Also, this video confirms his time circuits were made by Bruce Coulombe. Note the same ridiculously incorrect buttons from the keypad in the video as well.

    Actually Bruce said he didn't make the TDC - he bought it from someone who had it made by someone else, and fixed it so the time circuits would work. And he mentioned he was going to try and get the other more proper keypad to work with it. Once he had it fixed he was going to sell it on eBay. Looks like the person who is the main subject here bought it from the eBay auction (or the person who sold him the car).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas R View Post
    Actually I believe the owner of that car is on this forum; I believe it is TTait.

    EDIT: Actually he won the car from Universal; maybe this is something different.
    Tom actually got the car while working for Universal, partially in trade for a lot of work he had been doing for them. I got to go to lunch with him one day in it, before I got my own. It was a neat car, as he had replaced the cam (from what I remember) and it sounded beefier than most DeLoreans.

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    I can almost guarantee this guy knows his car is not only not screen-used, it's not even screen-accurate. You don't put any real money into something without looking at, I don't know, maybe a PICTURE of the interior from the movie?

    You also don't threaten legal action over a comment thread unless you're covering something up. This dude knows exactly what he has and is simply trying to keep up the charade.
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