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Thread: How To: Proper use of the floor jack and jack stands on the front/rear of a DeLorean

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASquared150 View Post
    Bumping because I have the same question.
    I did that one time. After I backed the car up on the ramps, I set the parking brake, and put it in gear. Then, I used 2 floor jacks to lift the front from the side jacking points. Next I put 2 jack stands in the appropriate place on the front frame. Removing the car from the perch is the reverse procedure.

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    I ended up just jacking up the front as normal while the car was in gear with the parking brake on since I didn't get any responses before I did it.

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    DMCCA Jack

    I have purchased a Jack for my D as it was missing when DMCCA did an Inspection Report. I has yet to see the Jack but am I correct in thinking a block of wood is a sensible precaution to use when jacking the car up to change a tire. The photos are very useful IMHO.

    Quote Originally Posted by outatym2001 View Post
    Proper use of the floor jack and jack stands on the front and rear of the DeLorean.
    Please read the descriptions on the two pictures.

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