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Thread: How To: Proper use of the floor jack and jack stands on the front/rear of a DeLorean

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    I just got the quick jack too. What model did you get? I got the 5000 pound one. It seeemd to have more room to position the rubber blocks than the 3500 pounder.
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    Ya I noticed that and had to decide over money and use and got the 3500 lb model. I really like it! Was worried about damage because it didn't reach the jacking points. Like I said with the rubber blocks no worries.

    Dave B

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickjames8 View Post
    So I took my car in for an inspection today. I was expecting the shop to use a lift to take the car completely off the ground, but instead they used a floor jack. This is shop that does a fair amount of custom and race vehicles, and was recommended by a friend, so I thought the guy knew what he was doing. He had a good look under the car with a light, then proceeded to put the jack roughly under the seat, and jack up the passenger side so both front and back wheels came off the ground.

    Not knowing any better myself, I just watched. The car didn't creak or seem to mind, and looking at the underside now, I see no evidence of damage. Could this have all gone very very wrong? Did I just get really lucky, or do people jack up cars like this sometimes?

    I literally gasped out loud reading this. I was fully expecting to hear that the guy punched a jack shaped hole through the bottom of your car. You must have gotten really lucky that nothing bad happened. Did he use a flat piece of wood or anything to help distribute the load? Or the guy must have been far enough outboard where the fiberglass is thicker and wasn't on the actual seat pan. In some spots below the actual seat the fiberglass about 1/4" thick.

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