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Thread: Any Delorean owners in the Chattanooga/Cleveland Tennessee general area?

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    Any Delorean owners in the Chattanooga/Cleveland Tennessee general area?

    When I start working on mine and/or getting it going, it might be good to have a local guy or 2 that I could connect with.


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    yeah, I live in Chattanooga, well red bank. there is another guy that lives in north GA that also works on his quite often. im pretty busy with work and school during the week, and home work on the weekends but should be able to get away for a few hours.

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    There are 106 DeLoreans located in Tennessee, with 7 listed in Chattanooga and 1 in Cleveland (based on last known location, which very well could be out dated). If all of you joined the DOD, you would have access to email addresses and/or phone numbers, and could have your own defacto Tennessee club, or even a Chattanooga area club.

    Anyway, you can see the Tennessee list HERE.


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