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Thread: What kind/brand of coolant do you use?

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    What kind/brand of coolant do you use?

    Starting a poll about what everyone uses to keep their Delorean cool. Local auto parts universal green of something else, anyone use a waterless coolant?

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    I have always changed my cars cooling systems over to steamed distilled water and (orange) prestone dexcool. Corvette uses dexcool so it must be good enough for them.
    I run dexcool in my: 1984 Porsche 928, 1996 BMW 850 Ci (12 cylinders), 2005 VW Jetta and my 1982 Delorean. Never had a problem. Dexcool is a 5 year coolant, I have personally seen what happens to a Mercedes Benz 450SL that ran green coolant was wasn't changed out every 2 years as required, the coolant ate big holes in the steel heads and destroyed the engine.

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    Pre-mixed green stuff, house brand from the auto parts store. Since it ends up mixed with my engine's oil, I figure there's no need to splurge.
    3.0L, automatic, carbureted

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    I run the cheapo green stuff. Mix it myself as I am cheap!

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    Green stuff...if its on sale I get the pre mixed. Never tried the orange stuff...but it reminds me of Tang, which I used to maybe I'll try it sometime.
    Rob Depew
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    Hi there,

    I used Prestone concentrate, and bought distilled water to mix it with. 50/50. It's also available in premixed.


    It works very well for me.

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    Distilled water and water wetter. This supplies max cooling.


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    I know this will start a debate but I too use the orange Prestone Dex-Cool.
    -----Dan B.

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    I use the premixed green Prestone, no complaints.
    Brandon S.

    2014 Honda Civic EX
    2007 Volvo S60R

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    50/50 (green) Prestone.

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