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Thread: K&N performance air filter

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeWard View Post
    Agreed, I had my car on a dyno a number of years ago and performed a back-to-back test running standard filter vs a K&N filter. There was literally zero difference to power output between the two runs. The only benefit to a K&N filter in our application is the ability to clean and reuse them. Personally I went back to using a standard filter.

    The other issue is when they are "re-charged". If you do not know what you are doing they can be over-oiled and the engine will suck the oil in. On newer cars with MAF sensors this oil basically destroys the sensor. This is less of a concern with the delorean, but as a blanket statement I do not like running oiled filters on any of my vehicles.

    Furthermore, the oil attracts alot of contaminants and dust. I find that to keep the filter looking and flowing reasonably it needs to be recharged every year. I saw a claim saying 100,000 miles - This is simply not true.

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    I've always used AFE Power dry-flow filters in my cars.
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    Air Filter Update

    Many people in the car world like simple upgrades to make their cars better and more efficient. One of those upgrades is about making the car “breath" better...

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    Oh boy, another filter discussion. Chris, thanks for researching an alternate part for the one that's NLA.

    Here are my thoughts:

    I've run K&N filters in 3 V8 cars which I've owned for more than 8 years. 2 of them I still own. On higher horsepower cars, the difference is noticeable. On the Delorean, not so much. As mentioned in another thread, I did notice improved throttle response. That alone makes it worthwhile to me.

    Cleaning is usually done at 50,000 miles for a filter that fits in the factory air box, and more often if you live in a dusty area. More info:
    Just follow the instructions and don't apply too much oil. It's not that hard.

    Oil used in the filter media:
    After 11 years in service and 100,000 miles on my daily driver Magnum, I had to completely rebuild the engine due to another issue. But, when I took it apart, I found no ill affects from using the K&N filter. There was absolutely no damage done by oil in the intake or debris that was let in. None.

    I got an assortment of stickers with every filter I bought. When I rebuilt the Magnum engine, I wanted to refresh the sticker and the warning label that it is a reusable filter. So I just called the K&N wrote an email to the customer service center and they sent me a whole new assortment of

    Bottom line. Performance air filters threads are like oil threads. Everyone has an opinion and their preference. It's your car, so use whatever is comfortable for you.

    As for me, I use K&N filters. It's the first part I buy when I get a new car, and it's the last filter I buy for that car.

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