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Thread: Move AC vents to accommodate touch screen receiver

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    Custom Radio / airvents

    Thank you BladeBronson.
    I appreciate your time and will advise when I figure out the plan!

    Quote Originally Posted by BladeBronson View Post
    Hey Ross, there's a couple more things you might want to consider that would be easier. First, I owned a DeLorean between 2000-2005 and I loved making mods. I had a really cool single DIN hard drive mp3 player and speakers built into the back wall. Around the time I sold my car, the flip up screens were just becoming popular (or maybe that's just when I first noticed them), and I was lusting for one. Fast forward 10 years and I bought another DeLorean about this time last year. I started looking into the latest in head units and discovered a couple things.

    1. There is at least one model (maybe more now) of flip down screens. They slide out and tilt down - covering the AC controls. This seems more desirable than flipping up and blocking the vents altogether.

    2. Aftermarket head unit manufacturers are starting to support Apple Carplay and Android Auto. I emailed Kenwood last year about the possibility of a single DIN head unit, but they said that it wasn't in their plans. I replied and made the case that classic car owners are looking for a nice way to have a connected system. I didn't hear back, but it might be worth another look around. You might also find a single DIN head unit that does whatever you're looking for.

    3. I keep thinking that the front angled edge of the drivers' headliner would be a cool place to integrate an iPod Touch or an iPad Mini (not sure which would fit best). The thing that I miss the most compared to modern cars is GPS navigation that's glance-able. Just looking slightly upward to a screen in the low ceiling seems like it would feel right. But, it's a little too Knight Rider for me.

    4. In the end, I didn't replace at all. My new car came with the original ASI radio and I really liked the original look of it. This one aspect set me off on a whole new direction of originality with this car, as opposed to all the customization I did on my first one. I considered sending the head unit to Dave Graham (sdg3205) for a hardwired AUX input, but ended up just adding a Kenwood KAC-M1824BT amp between the original radio and the speakers. The amp itself has bluetooth and connects to my phone automatically when I start the car. Even though I can switch the input to the head unit (which sounds terrible, BTW), I haven't found myself wanting to.

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    I actually wonder if Apple is requiring CarPlay to only exist on 2-DIN units. Nobody has made a 1-DIN and it's been a few years now.

    I have a Pioneer AVH-X7800BT, which covers the air vents when it flips up. I find it's pretty rare that I actually need to access the screen, and I prefer just collapsing it when the air vents are in use. I live in Seattle which has a pretty mild climate, so I probably use my air vents less than some, but just wanted to say: may not be worth the work

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