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Thread: DCF Tech day hosted by Coulombe Enterprises on 10-01-2016

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    DCF Tech day hosted by Coulombe Enterprises on 10-01-2016

    I apologize for my delay in posting this thread. We at Coulombe Enterprises have been crazy busy with building Delorean Time Machines, Lost In Space Robots and many other movie themed projects. This has been by far, our best year and we(I) just haven't had time to catch my breath. With that said........

    I am excited that Coulombe Enterprises has been asked host the Delorean Club of Florida's Tech Day at our facility. It is an honor that Brandon has chosen us to help with anyone that is in need of assistant's to work on their Delorean and Delorean Time Machine. We will be making available to all that attend our hydraulic lift, compressor, tools, expertise and air conditioning. Yes, our shop bay is air conditioned. Now I know we can get everyone in the air conditioned bay at once but, we have a 20"x 10' canopy setup out side as well to shade those that have minor repairs on the Delorean.

    We will be providing food, drinks and snacks to all that attend hosted by my beautiful wife Mary. We will also be having a $10 raffle to give away a $50 gift certificate to the DMC Store in Texas, a sold out limited addition box set #12 of back To The Future themed socks valued at $50 and a $25 gift card to Star Bucks'. All monies collected for the raffle will be donated to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

    Even if you don't have a Delorean ready to bring, stop on by anyway and say hello, meet everyone and ask questions. You just might walk away with a new set of friends and a little more info to help you with your Delorean repairs or to build your own time machine.

    Micah of the "World of Micah" will be on hand to record and document our Tech Day to be showcase on his YouTube channel.

    I and my wife Mary are looking forward to hosting and meeting everyone. If you need to call our shop the number is..... 561-752-7535 and below is our address. So what are you waiting for, start heading out to DCF Tech Day Open from 10 am and closed in the future.

    Set you Time Departure Circuits to ...... Coulombe Enterprises 1293 N. County Road 426 Oviedo Florida 32765 See you all in the future!!

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    Bruce, do you have a youtube link? I saw the pictures on FB, just no video.

    Thank you!

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    Yes, look under coulombe enterprises and we have them under Legends Unleashed.

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