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Thread: Cylinder Head Variances.

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    Cylinder Head Variances.

    Does anyone have pictures of an 3.0L PRV Cylinder Head from the Eagle Premier? Even better, measurements?

    1. I'm wondering if there is a boss that can be drilled out to accommodate a 2.8L Electrical Distributor.
    2. How much different are the sizes/locations of the intake ports to accommodate different manifolds?

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    Yes, it is possible to drill for and install a traditional ignition distributor on the 3.0L engine. But you will need to swap in a 2.8L camshaft to turn the distributor. The 3.0L camshaft has no gear in that location.

    Edit: I guess a picture would help. Here you can see there is a hole there, but it doesn't go all the way through. The hole is about 7/8" in diameter. You can also see there is a smaller hole where a fastener would go for a distributor clamp.

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