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Thread: Delorean related watches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drdelorean View Post
    Nice! At first glance it looked like a real detailed dial, but like you mentioned it does lokk like a print of the rim.. Still a pretty nice wrist watch!
    Yeah I think it is a photo - look around the 4 o'clock area, that looks like the ground underneath the car!
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    Has anyone bought one of these yet?

    Any thoughts or opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Has anyone bought one of these yet?

    Any thoughts or opinions?
    Most likely these watches are a generic "clean slate" type that a Chinese manufacturer offers. They probably have a small selection of quartz and mechanical movements to choose from as well. For a minimum order placed you can customize the dial and have a choice of straps, bezels, case material and color, etc. The watches themselves are probably no better or worse than your typical Wal-Mart quartz watch that you would buy for around 20 or 30 bucks but then again you are not buying a watch as much as you are buying a DeLorean fashion piece.

    That would be my take/guess on it and for this price point I think they did well. I'm particularly fond of that blue dial version. Also glad to see them go with a larger 44mm case, which is just about perfect for a mans watch of this style
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    How has nobody posted this watch yet?

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    They did on DMCToday about 4 or 5 months ago. We are just ahead of the curve there l guess.

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