It's a long shot here, but I have a 08 g37s that has 200k hwy miles and is my daily driver. It doesn't leak or burn a drop of oil, is strong as new, and very quiet. I'm going to be building a turbo engine and will be selling this. If you're interested it will be in the car for a while so you can hear it run, and drive it yourself.
Yeah, I realize this is an odd spot to put a sale post, but it will be a sedoc only item, I won't ship it and I prefer someone local to see it. Someone on the forum did a vq37 swap so it has been done. It's 340 stock horsepower. I'm asking 1200 for it, and will be the full long block minus a few sensors. Pm me if your interested.
I can bring the car to a sedoc meet (if we ever have one) and let interested parties see or drive it.

Updated and thread closed. Engine is sold.