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Thread: Vin 6201's long way back to life?

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    best thread in ages. so impressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cravings View Post
    best thread in ages. so impressed.
    Agreed, I love seeing restoration stories like this. Keep it up; the work and the posting!

    EDIT: Also, can you post the info on your home plating kit? That is awesome!!
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    Thanks guys!
    I like these kind of threads myself. Especially since my car was missing so many parts.
    The plating kit came from this site but others sell similar kits.

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    Greetings from Norway!

    This looks awesome! Great work!
    I am currently working on getting my frame back together myself after blasting, welding and galvanizing.
    Mine was pretty good from start with, except that the roof box was bad. Frame looked good, but the epoxy hid some stuff. Welded it myself.
    Would not recomend steel blasting and galvanizing because it got too hot, and it warped some places. Had to do alot of straightening aswell.
    Frame is straight, but it warped here and there. I would probably have done what you did if I knew what i know now.
    End result is good though.

    Here are som picture of my frame. Pictures are taken some days ago, Gas tank, plate under the frame, accumulator and gearshift linkage has been installed after they were taken.

    Svein Apeland.
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    Svein Apeland

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    Great pictures! Looks like we are at the same place in the restoration.
    You should make your own thread and post some more pictures of your work.

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    great job!! i used to own this car!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeLorean6934 View Post
    great job!! i used to own this car!
    Thanks! You have a PM.

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    Time for a update.

    Installed brakelines

    and fueltank

    One of the first thing I purchased for this project was a volvo flywheel, they are not easy to find since auto seems to be the standard on b28.
    But I found one in Sweden.

    Engine and transmision joined together

    bolted in the frame

    installed the drive shafts

    test fitted the waterpipes

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    Amazing work done so far, I'm impressed how this is so beautiful

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    You have done an incredible job with this restoration, it's going to be a beautiful car! Keep it up!
    Brandon S.

    2014 Honda Civic EX
    2007 Volvo S60R

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