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Thread: VIN 2706's 20 year nap

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerline84 View Post
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    Got the Car aligned today and it confirmed all my suspicions. Let me start off by saying I am not Intending to attack any specific vendor but I am gonna give my honest opinion on the cars suspension and drive-ability after a year of real world driving and testing, including a 900 mile road trip. First of all if you buy lowering springs or coil overs from a vendor and you actually objectively look at the cars suspension performance its going to drive like shit by modern day standards if you lower it for many reasons. I am not gonna get into a debate about how the Deloreans suspension was great for 80s standards....great its not the 80s anymore and I am not satisfied by that. If you lower your car to make it look like what the original design was intended for, its gonna look cool and drive like garbage because there simply is not enough adjust ability in the suspension. If you think the car drives great stock then don't read any further.

    My Setup:
    QA1 Coilover Kit from DS.
    Ed Udings Brackets
    Toby's poly sway bushings
    new regular bushings everywhere else
    Delorean club UK billet lowers
    DMC Midwest NOS uppers
    Delorean Midwest front Sway Bar
    All Brand new NOS style brakes.

    probably good enough for a standard owner but I am not normal I guess. drives way better then stock... but room for improvement.

    QA1 setup
    -Under developed. Pissed me off that I paid 1200 bucks and got 2 different color springs ( front and rear springs are different colors. something that should be disclosed to buyers, and I don't think is acceptable for something that expensive.
    -I don't think the spring rate and or valving in the shocks is right for the car. Needs further development.
    Hi Jimmy. Thanks for your comments about my kit. Since this is the first I've heard of your issues, I would have liked the opportunity to explain or work through the problems with you, but here we are:

    1. The springs are different colors because that's the only color in which they are available from QA1 in the correct spring rate. The photos of the kit all clearly show that they are different colors: on eBay, Facebook, etc. I wish they were all the same color, but my kit was at least $150 cheaper than any other coil-over alternative. For about $50, you could powder coat those springs to be the same color.

    2. The spring rates are mathematically correct based on the axle weights and QA1's formulas. QA1 does not offer any alternative valving for the shocks.
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    There is nothing to "explain or work through". This was an honest assesment of my current suspension, not a review of drive stainless. As far as the colors I did not notice when I purchased because I bought them based off a recommendation from a friend , not facebook photos but regardless. Furthermore if powdercoating is so cheap then I would rather pay the extra 150 bucks from a vendor to get suspension that matches . Who wants to bolt different color suspension on their car....Looks amateur. I dont math to well so my review is based off driving experience. QA1 makes quality parts, they dont cure delorean suspension design.
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